And Again

4 Dec

There’s a bit more going on here for the time being 🙂



10 Jun


So although typically anything from Microsoft has me reaching for one of my collection of vintage in-flight barf bags, Clearification is really entertaining.

What the World Eats

6 Jun

What the world eats

A great photo essay from Time magazine about what and how much families around the world consume in a week.

How soon is now?

22 Jan

By ‘soon’ in the last post, I actually meant ‘in about 6 months.’

Here’s a clip from Troop of One Hundred, in which 100 people randomly chase after strangers.

The Fog is Lifting

31 Jul

I mean the ‘newborn baby-induced fog’. But perhaps ‘lifting’ is slightly too optimistic. Maybe the fog has turned into a light haze instead. It’s true though that the bags under my eyes are more like carry-on luggage now rather than something you’d pack for an overseas adventure.  More soon!

Los 80

24 May

Someone has assembled a list of all the 80s music videos available on YouTube.

Here's a horribly out of sync gem I found that I hadn't heard in years:


21 May

I am a seatbelt!
Find your own pose!