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3 Apr

A few years ago one of my favorite proto-weblogs was gmtPlus9 (internet archive).  I mentioned it to Claire a couple of days ago and wondered what had become of it.  Amazingly she happened to see it on the blogroll of art for housewives the day after, at it's new home.   I love it when that happens!


Amen Break

1 Mar

Can I Get An Amen?
Nate Harrison has some really cool projects. I really enjoyed “Can I Get An Amen?”, an 18 minute video essay about a six second drum solo recorded in 1969 which has gone on to become a staple of contemporary music.

a gift to be respected, and feared

30 Jan

Fear of Girls

Pretty amusing 11 minute mockumentary called Fear of Girls about a couple of Dungeons and Dragons diehards.

4 to 8 thousandths of an inch

29 Jan

An interesting article on how meditation (specifically vipassana) has been shown to increase brain size.

Taking Professional Looking Photos

17 Jan

Some handy hints on taking better photos; applies especially to ‘product’ shots.

build the great country

6 Jan

A very engaging personal account of growing up in China by Yafei Hu.