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An Uncanny Resemblance

8 Feb

Is it just me, or does Ben de Lisi from Project Catwalk look a lot like Ben Stiller?

Ben de Lisi

Ben Stiller

Side Note: I’m really amazed at how terrible the Project Catwalk website is. It’s not just ‘after-thought’ bad; it’s much worse than that. How can you launch a reality tv program and not provide eager viewers with the extra information that they’re hungry for? Hello, SkyOne? 1997 called and it wants its shitty 4 page brochure website back.

Here is Santino from Project Runway doing his uncanny impersonation of Tim Gunn:

I’m off to watch the first couple of episodes of The IT Crowd now. Releasing episodes onto the net prior to showing them on TV is a really interesting move on Channel 4’s part.



6 Feb

Perceived Ridiculousness

Sadly, this isn’t my chart, it’s someone else’s.

first day of school

2 Feb

Good Morning Dear Teacher

AJ starts 3 year old kinder tomorrow morning.


1 Feb

brain drain

31 Jan

brain drain

Australia has a serious water shortage problem.

Seriously though, a 4 minute shower? I tried it this morning, and I made it, but it worries me. Australia is going to become a cultural wasteland if everybody has 4 minute showers. You have your best ideas in the shower, and four frantic minutes is not going to put you in the relaxed frame of mind that you need to have your best ideas. If everyone in the country has 4 minute showers, no one is going to come up with that brilliant idea for solving the country’s water woes.

Images of American Cities

27 Jan


Workman, perched on the end of a beam, bolting together the framework of the Empire State Building, New York City, 1930.


Residents in front of a dilapidated frame house in Kansas City, ca. 1900

Smartly dressed couple seated on an 1886-model bicycle for two. The South Portico of the White House, Washington, D.C., in the background.


There are some terrific photographs in that collection; they’re organised loosely around the notion of the ‘city life’, but I think in a lot of cases little more was known about the subject of the photographs than the city it was taken in.


21 Jan

my beard

I’m now deeply regretting my decision to not shave my 3-day old growth off this morning. It’s 41 degrees celsius today (that’s 106 degrees for you fahrenheit-inclined folks).