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What the World Eats

6 Jun

What the world eats

A great photo essay from Time magazine about what and how much families around the world consume in a week.


How soon is now?

22 Jan

By ‘soon’ in the last post, I actually meant ‘in about 6 months.’

Here’s a clip from Troop of One Hundred, in which 100 people randomly chase after strangers.

shadow fun

3 May

shadow fun, originally uploaded by ditto.


13 Apr

Phylotaxis is an interesting interface for browsing science and culture news. I love the fact that as you move the slider further along to select 'culture,' the dots move more and more frenetically.


3 Apr

A few years ago one of my favorite proto-weblogs was gmtPlus9 (internet archive).  I mentioned it to Claire a couple of days ago and wondered what had become of it.  Amazingly she happened to see it on the blogroll of art for housewives the day after, at it's new home.   I love it when that happens!

Neither Red nor Blue

19 Mar


No, I don’t think I’d take any pills offered to me by that man.  Or is that one of the victims?


26 Feb

Scones, originally uploaded by ditto.