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Disconnect the Dots

28 Feb

I’m slightly in awe over the way that the internet makes new music so discoverable.

A couple of bands I’ve been enjoying lately:

Of Montreal

Of Montreal

They have a great selection of mp3s on their site. Check out Wraith Pinned to the Mist (and other games) and Disconnect the Dots.

Strip Squad

Strip Squad

Strip Squad are at their best when they keep their vulgarity elegant. Unreliable Narrator and Pervert/Expert have been in heavy rotation.



26 Feb

Scones, originally uploaded by ditto.



19 Feb

We’ve been gorging ourselves lately on reality television, because some kind soul has provided torrents of the first season of Project Runway.  I remember Claire had asked me a few times last year if the show was ‘available’, but it seems like it wasn’t popular enough then to attract an international following.
Project Runway Season 1

It’s pretty interesting to see the way they fine-tuned the show as it went along (things like having the models wear black slips rather than their street clothes), and the changes they made from season one to season two.  My general impression so far is that the designers from season one, with a couple of notable exceptions, produced more interesting and more varied clothes than the designers this year.

An Uncanny Resemblance

8 Feb

Is it just me, or does Ben de Lisi from Project Catwalk look a lot like Ben Stiller?

Ben de Lisi

Ben Stiller

Side Note: I’m really amazed at how terrible the Project Catwalk website is. It’s not just ‘after-thought’ bad; it’s much worse than that. How can you launch a reality tv program and not provide eager viewers with the extra information that they’re hungry for? Hello, SkyOne? 1997 called and it wants its shitty 4 page brochure website back.

Here is Santino from Project Runway doing his uncanny impersonation of Tim Gunn:

I’m off to watch the first couple of episodes of The IT Crowd now. Releasing episodes onto the net prior to showing them on TV is a really interesting move on Channel 4’s part.


6 Feb

Perceived Ridiculousness

Sadly, this isn’t my chart, it’s someone else’s.

first day of school

2 Feb

Good Morning Dear Teacher

AJ starts 3 year old kinder tomorrow morning.


1 Feb