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And Again

4 Dec

There’s a bit more going on here for the time being 🙂


The Fog is Lifting

31 Jul

I mean the ‘newborn baby-induced fog’. But perhaps ‘lifting’ is slightly too optimistic. Maybe the fog has turned into a light haze instead. It’s true though that the bags under my eyes are more like carry-on luggage now rather than something you’d pack for an overseas adventure.  More soon!


3 Apr

A few years ago one of my favorite proto-weblogs was gmtPlus9 (internet archive).  I mentioned it to Claire a couple of days ago and wondered what had become of it.  Amazingly she happened to see it on the blogroll of art for housewives the day after, at it's new home.   I love it when that happens!

first day of school

2 Feb

Good Morning Dear Teacher

AJ starts 3 year old kinder tomorrow morning.


23 Jan

Yesterday as part of Nic‘s birthday extravaganza, I went rock-climbing for the first time in, mmm, gosh I really am getting old now (that’s code for ‘more than 10 years’). In any case, after a while I came to the realisation that I was really having quite a lot of fun climbing up very tall walls, in spite of the fact that my fingers were protesting loudly that they’d rather be with a keyboard, my forearms were rythmically shaking from adrenaline, and the toes on my right foot were all occupying the same 2 centimeters at the end of my climbing shoe.

So now I think it would be kind of fun to go climbing again on a semi-regular basis. My forearms, shoulders and back will thank me, in time.

In other news, I woke up last night to some strange noises, noted that the time was exactly 2:00 am, and got up to do the perimeter shuffle. I heard some more strange poping noises and something that looked a bit like fireworks. After a while the fireworks didn’t stop though, so I went outside and discoved one of the street lamps near our house on fire. The neighbours were up too. It was kind of like a block pajama party, except that everyone quietly shuffled off inside when the fire department arrived.

Thrill Jockey

22 Jan
One Bedroom

I bought One Bedroom by The Sea and Cake a few days ago and have really been enjoying it. The Thrill Jockey site is excellent. They provide previews of a huge amount of stuff in their catalog and digital downloads without any digital rights management nonsense. And when you make a online purchase you are thrown to a picture of their office being manned by dogs; very reasurring.

I’ve also discovered some great music blogs lately:


21 Jan

my beard

I’m now deeply regretting my decision to not shave my 3-day old growth off this morning. It’s 41 degrees celsius today (that’s 106 degrees for you fahrenheit-inclined folks).