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20 Apr

The Kransky Sisters

Last night the Kransky Sisters appeared on Spicks and Specs (one of the lesser known gems of australian television). They did an amazing version of Highway to Hell to end the show. I've searched high and low for mp3s but have unfortunately come up empty. 


Lost Insanity

19 Apr

Hurley and Friend
Lostpedia is a wikipedia clone which obsessively records the minutiae of the show and hosts theories of wildly varying quality relating to what the hell is going on in it. I really like it; trawling through tonight I found myself picking up lots of threads in the show that I had forgotten about.

Claire also pointed me towards this terrific writeup on why Lost is new media.

Warning: if you aren't watching the shows as they appear in the US, both of those sources will contain spoilers.


13 Apr

Phylotaxis is an interesting interface for browsing science and culture news. I love the fact that as you move the slider further along to select 'culture,' the dots move more and more frenetically.


3 Apr

A few years ago one of my favorite proto-weblogs was gmtPlus9 (internet archive).  I mentioned it to Claire a couple of days ago and wondered what had become of it.  Amazingly she happened to see it on the blogroll of art for housewives the day after, at it's new home.   I love it when that happens!