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Freaks and Geeks

30 Mar

Freaks and Geeks
A while back Claire bought Freaks and Geeks on DVD and we've been watching it for the past couple of nights. It's hilarious; terrific music too.

(updated, because I spelled my wife's name wrong.  Ouch.)


Neither Red nor Blue

19 Mar


No, I don’t think I’d take any pills offered to me by that man.  Or is that one of the victims?


17 Mar

(sic), originally uploaded by ditto.

We watched this tonight. It was supremely gory and violent, but completely compelling.

Curse You Tim Gunn!

15 Mar

Tim Gunn Messes with me

A week or so ago, before I had seen Part 2 of the finale of Project Runway, but after I had seen part 1, I noticed that Tim Gunn had published another podcast, appropriately called ‘Finale Podcast Part 1’. So I started listening; there were some early warning signs that all wasn’t well, since Tim kept mentioning things that I didn’t remember seeing in Part 1. I persevered though, because it was so interesting. Then about 4/5ths of the way through the podcast, Tim tells me that Chloe has won. Ouch!
So we watched the second part of the finale a couple of days later; I kept the winner to myself, because Claire (Bloggie award winning) hates knowing ahead of time. I thought the finale was kind of lack luster; they all produced nice collections, but nothing really grabbed me. Chloe’s looks like it was heavily inspired by 80s fashions, which put me off it a bit; but I don’t think I had a preference in terms of a winner. It could have gone to any of them and I would have been equally satisfied.

I think for me, the finale was a letdown because typically in the rest of the series, so much drama is built up around the construction of individual pieces. In the finale there is a visit from Tim, where we get a glimpse of what they’re designing, and then there is lots of drama around them getting organised and getting finished, but there isn’t actually much focus on the pieces themselves, and 36 (or in this case 39) items of clothing is too much to digest. Last year there was the pure freakishness of Wendy Pepper to keep me interested; but there was nothing comperable this season. That’s my current explanation for my care factor drop off.

Anyway, back to my faux curse on Tim Gunn. Today I was in iTunes, and I noticed that there was a new podcast from Tim. It had the same name as the previous one, but it was about 10 minutes shorter. I had a listen, and it was actually Part 1 of the finale podcast, published in the wrong order. Curses!


10 Mar

A couple of screenshots from the trailer to A Scanner Darkly:



It looks very similar to the illustration style that Richard Linklater used in Waking Life; though I wonder if Waking Life was pure animation. This really looks like it was shot on film and then animated in greater and lesser degrees over the top.

I found Waking Life to be conceptually interesting, but it really ended up putting me to sleep. This looks like it’s got a great cast, and the original story by Philip K Dick is engaging and disturbing. Here’s hoping.


4 Mar


Amazing looking video of a new game from Maxis called Spore. More screenshots here.

Amen Break

1 Mar

Can I Get An Amen?
Nate Harrison has some really cool projects. I really enjoyed “Can I Get An Amen?”, an 18 minute video essay about a six second drum solo recorded in 1969 which has gone on to become a staple of contemporary music.